A Futuristic Shopping Experience

Have you ever wondered where the future of shopping is going? Ponder no longer, WithMe in Santa Monica allows you to experience the future of retail.

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So You Want To Start A Blog?

Blogging is HUGE right now. With the help of Instagram, 2016 has become the year of the influencer.┬áHave you ever sat down and thought about how dependent we are on the world’s bloggers? I mean, seriously, Pinterest would be a total bust without incredible recipes from foodies, and without the endless amounts of fashion inspo…


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Today, blogging is one of the best ways to learn just about anything. There are so many different types of blogs for almost any subject you can think of. Want to learn a new reciepe? Read a blog. Dying to get your health game on track? Read a blog. Do…