A Futuristic Shopping Experience

Have you ever wondered where the future of shopping is going? Technology has become an essential in our daily lives. Often times we do not realize how much we truly depend on tech to get us through our day. To be honest, I would consider myself borderline addicted to my phone and computer. I am constantly checking Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Not to mention, I tend to go “shopping” online while filling my cart endlessly, just to see how much my shopping spree would cost my future husband. My dream is to have a Clueless Closet. You know, the closet where Cher simply picks out her outfit on her computer, and her closet rotates to that specific outfit? What a dream! The struggle to find that one top that is hidden in the corner of your closet would no longer exist.

Online shopping has become my go-to choice for a shopping spree. Just between you and me, I have always wondered how tech will be innovated in brick and mortar stores. Well, my curiosity no longer exists. Recently, I attended an event at WithMe, at Santa Monica Place on the corner of 3rd and Broadway.

The concept of the store is online shopping meets brick and mortar. WithMe will consist of various pop-up shops rotating about every six weeks.  I must admit, this was the coolest store I have ever been in. The store has dressing rooms that come down from the ceiling, magnetic hangers, kiosks for check out and item lookup, and a spot for interactive virtual reality. The best part is you don’t constantly have a salesperson coming up to you asking, “Are you finding everything alright?”

futuristic shopping-shopwithme retail


Sometimes you just want to shop and look around without being bothered. I know I like to walk through stores to gain inspiration, and not necessarily shop. This shopping environment offers a pressure free shopping experience. When you head to a kiosk and you request a size, a store stylist is simply pinged on their phone letting them know what you are in search of, as well as what you look like.

The fitting room experience is also an experience of it’s own! You can simply request a different size by scanning your chosen item on the mirror. When the item pops up you choose the size you would like to try on, and the computer will also suggest items that are in store that would compliment the piece you are trying on. You are also given similar style suggestions. How insane is that?! The question, “what would I wear this with?”, has been eliminated from your vocabulary.  The computer also shows you other color options available in the style you are trying on. Once you have chosen all of you fave items in the store to try on they will appear in your “closet” in the fitting room, which you simply pull out from the wall.

futuristic shopping-shopwithme retail


Now, if you like a personal interaction you can most certainly have the high tech experience with personal engagement by simply pinging a stylist to help you out. Whether you want them for only check out, or to give their opinion on the dress you are trying on; they are there to help. Oh, did I mention WithMe also has a mobile app that you can connect your credit card to for instant checkout?! This can be one of the quickest shopping experiences of your life.  But why rush through it? Take time to enjoy the experience and embrace the future of retail. While you are there don’t forget to stop by the VR (virtual reality) gaming area to design your own virtual look or pattern.


futuristic shopping-shopwithme


Currently, WithMe is featuring Century 21 Department Stores. If you haven’t shopped Century 21, check out their website. You can get incredible designer duds at a more affordable price. I could not help but snag a basic white tee with cut outs while I was attending the grand opening…it was for research? Let’s hope all brick and mortar stores pick up on the technology advancements WithMe has, because I could most certainly get used to this.


What do y’all think about the future of retail?!


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