China Fails– Why Your $7.99 Shirt Isn’t Worth It

If you are anything like me you spend random hours of your day scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feed (I am borderline addicted to social media). If you have been on Facebook lately I am sure you have come across articles/photos of clothing people received from online purchases from China, that did not quite resemble the item they bought (click here to see what I’m talking about). Whether it be made with the wrong fabric, five sizes too small, or simply poor quality garments; people are getting upset about the deception from these online stores.

cheap clothes from china


It seems to me, as American consumers, we want the best quality and we want almost instant gratification, but we also want it inexpensive. In other words, we want the best of both worlds. It is almost as though we do not look at our wardrobe as an investment anymore, we just want the newest, best clothes because we saw it on a pretty girl on Instagram. Perhaps the fashionista you follow on IG is wearing designer apparel that is completely out of your budget, that is when we turn to fast-fashion to find similar “designer inspired” pieces online.  There’s nothing wrong with buying inexpensive clothing, however when you are purchasing directly from wholesalers in China, and taking the middle man out is when we begin to have issues. Here’s a look as to why your $7.99 purchase isn’t worth the money.

Typically when a buyer for a store is purchasing new items, they attend shows and build relationships with specific warehouses/manufactures to ensure the sizing is correct, and the proper materials and stitching are used by receiving pre-production samples. When you purchase from these online wholesale stores from China, you are taking out this middle man (the buyer) who’s job is to ensure the products coming into U.S. stores abide by U.S. quality control standards. The reality is every country has different quality control standards, and China tends to not have very many standards. For instance, they can use an MK logo on bags, where as it is illegal to use the same MK logo a Michael Kors bag would use in the states.  So, when purchasing item from China it is crucial to find factories that abide by US regulations, which I am sure the average shopper would not think to look into these specific details. Not to mention, you do not typically have contact with the manufacturers when you are shopping online.


cheap china clothes

cheap china


How can we stop these fraudulent online shops?

Well it’s simple…stop buying from them!

Now, I’m not saying do not purchase anything made in China, because the fact of the matter is a majority of our clothes and products come from China. This is because of inexpensive labor and production costs. However you can follow these three simple rules when shopping online:

1.) Shop from domestic websites.

You can find out where a website is based simply by looking at the contact information, or at the bottom of the webpage. You can also see where the products are shipping from. If you see it is coming directly from China, the chances are you are receiving it directly from the manufacturer.

2.) Look at reviews

If you are unsure if a website is legitimate or not, look at reviews of the company online. If you can’t find anything and the outfit you’re purchasing seems too good to be true, pass on that find and continue shopping elsewhere.

3.) Invest

Instead of buying a lot of clothes that somewhat fit, buy a couple of staple pieces that will last a long time from reputable brands/stores.

cheap china clothes

Photo: Knock Off Nightmares (Facebook)


china cheap

Photo: Knock Off Nightmares (Facebook)


Look babes, it’s simple. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! If something seems too good to be true, it most likely is. If you purchased a sweater that should retail at $50 and you bought it for $14.99, you can bet there is going to be all sorts of issues with quality/sizing. Yes, it may be a great deal but it most likely won’t make it through the winter, and that is if it even came in your correct size. Trust me, I am always ballin’ on a budget, but instead of buying cheaply made clothes head to the sale section or save up for neutral staples.


Do you have any online shopping fails?! Share your photos/stories below!


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