Simple Steps To Dressing For Spring

Once again it is that awkward time of year. My mind is telling me sweet sundress, but the weather is telling me jeans and leather jacket. Luckily, I have not had to experience the subzero temperatures and snowy days, considering I live in Texas. In Texas there is really only one word to describe the weather this time of year…bipolar. One day it is 90°, and you are soaking up the sun by the pool, and the next day it is 50°. I am sure 50° sounds like heaven to some of you babes, but when you go from 90 to 50 in about 24 hours it feels like you are trapped inside a freezer.

Regardless where you live, there is always that time of year where it is not quite Spring and not quite Winter. The drastic temperature difference can make it difficult to choose an outfit in the morning. You don’t want to look like you are ready for the beach when it is still 60° outside, and the sun is playing peek-a-boo. The struggle is real when it comes to dressing weather appropriate in the Spring. Keep reading to learn my favorite styling tricks that can help you look like spring has sprung, without freezing your booty off.

1. Layer

Layering is key during any season change. My favorite layered look for Winter to Spring is a maxi dress with an over-sized light knit sweater on top. Knot the sweater at your waist, or let it hang loose for a super care-free, effortless look. Layering a sweater or denim jacket over a maxi dress gives you the option to take off a layer as the weather warms up throughout the day.

spring layer look


2. Color

Spring is all about pastels and bright colors. However, sometimes an all pastel ensemble can look a tad forced for the season, especially when the weather is still chilly. Try popping color into your wardrobe by sporting jackets and pants in light neutral hues such as cream, ivory, and tan with pops of pastels. If you love your all black ensemble, try adding a pastel colored scarf or handbag to your look for some springtime fun. You can even try light/bright hues for your nail color to brighten up your day, my favorite is this ESSIE Lapiz of Luxury nail polish.

spring color


3. Pattern

Playing with pattern can make any look extra fun! Thick nautical stripes and floral patterns are always a springtime/summer favorite. An off-the-shoulder striped top is perfect with a pair of light denim and bold earrings. The look says springtime ready, without looking like you are ready to head to the beach. Although, if there is a field of flowers to frolic through when you happen to be sporting this killer look, I would consider that an Instagram worthy moment.

spring stripes

Babes, how do you transition into a spring wardrobe?! Comment below and let me know!




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